Jacob Sahr TengbehJacob Sahr Tengbeh- Kailahun District, Republic of Sierra Leone.

Being involved in the Kissi Cultural & Economic Development Association has been wonderful to get to know community members with common problems and get to solve problems together. I always feel welcome where I go and meet members of our communities.

The Kissi Literacy program is instructional and eye opening. To learn everything in my mother tongue is one of the quickest ways to accelerate adult education. The teaching program has helped me a lot to write important things in my own language and understand more of my medical care.

Emmanuel Tamba LebbieEmmanuel Tamba Lebbie, Kailahun Districts, Republic of Sierra Leone

I received a lot of knowledge about common diseases, their prevention and treatment through the weekly education Light Blue Project. My wife and I got ideas to help manage our poor health.

I have also learnt a lot of literacy in my mother tongue. The Kissi Literacy Education makes learning and comprehension easier and it feels good to build confidence to write in my community language. It has motivated me to participate in MARSDA and KICEDA community development projects.

Sahr Sessie KoromaSahr Sessie Koroma, Kono District, Republic of Sierra Leone

I’ve learned about respect, hard work and unity in the community and changed my perspectives to get involved in KICEDA and MARSDA community development projects.

Knowledge of tropical disease prevention and treatment has given me more insight into premature deaths in the community, and, how, if detected early, the community would benefit.

Story telling forums under the White Project (Kissi Culture & History) has helped me to appreciate our culture and build on community and individual development virtues such as honesty, forgiveness, discipline, and hard work.

Sia Eunice VanwenSia Eunice Vanwen (Female Liberia)

I’m happy MARSDA has helped me learn to read and write in my community language. Because of the prolong civil war in Liberia and extreme underdevelopment in our regions, I missed out on education. This can be difficult because job opportunities today favour those who are both literate and skilled. Many people in this community have neither skills nor formal education to compete in today’s job market. The learning opportunities MaRSDA and KICEDA provide to support community development projects in local language is the right kind I have been waiting for.  (Translated in English from Kissi)

Kumba Ganawa- Sierra Leone BeneficiaryKumba Ganawa- Sierra Leone Beneficiary

MARSDA organisation is so inspiring, so motivating, and so courageous that it has stirred our hearts.

I am ageing now but have hope I’ll see things that once held these communities together coming back again. The wars, displacement of the population, lack of services and poverty has turned our community backward. All the youth leave for greener pastures. The aged are no longer able to cultivate the lands which hurts everyone eventually. (Translated in English from Kissi)