You can make a difference right now


You can make a difference right now

Four ways you can help

However you help, we’re thrilled and grateful to have you join us

Together we’re making a difference.

Designed by the community for the community.

Ready to work with us? Let’s do this.


There are heaps of ways you can raise funds.

Get creative, sporty, arty. Go alone or grab a group of friends.

Can’t decide what to do?

Try one of these ideas:

  • run a class, do a dance-a-thon – do good – get fit
  • bake cakes, have a morning tea – do good – feed your friends
  • cook a meal from your home country, charge guests to enjoy – do good – share your culture
  • walk up a mountain, face your fears – do good – challenge yourself
  • organise a trivia night, raffle or movie night – do good – have a blast with friends
  • sell stuff on gumtree or marketplace – do good – clean out your junk
  • sell your creative work – do good – attract more fans, inspire others

Promote your good deeds on social media.



Give money | PayPal Donate

Please donate through our PayPal page.

Here’s how your contribution will help:

$20 – is enough to buy one mosquito net to protect a child against disease (malaria)

$50 – is enough to buy text books for two children to go to school

$100 – is enough to buy farming equipment for local people to grow crops to feed their families and sell at local markets

Your gift goes a long way. A small amount can make a life-changing difference to people in the Mano River Region.

Give goods

If you live in Australia, here’s how you can help.

For migrants in Australia:

  • mobile phones
  • laptops | computers
  • school supplies and children’s books
  • furniture, whitegoods and household goods

If you live in the Mano River region, our partners are happy to receive:

  • educational and training tools (notebooks, pens, laptops, etc)
  • health equipment (bandages, masks etc)
  • office and admin equipment
  • building materials


In Australia

If you’re living in Australia, and Mano River Region migrants live near you, we can put you in touch.

Volunteering with us can be a one off or a regular basis. We’re grateful for whatever time you can spare.

You could help with face to face or online activities such as:

  • homework support work for children
  • settlement information services
  • assistance with English literacy

We look forward to hearing from you!

In the Mano River Region?

Do you live in the Mano River Basin? Do you want to volunteer with our development projects in Sierra Leone, Liberia or Guinea?

  • Kissi Environmental Protection:
    Preservation of the environment, including land and water.
  • Kissi Culture & History Project:
    Native and cultural history, songs, stories, and social practices.
  • Kissi Culture & Scientific Medicine Project:
    Health discussion group covering topics such as Typhoid, Hepatitis and Malaria.

Get in touch if you can volunteer your time and skills.

Virtual Volunteers | Marketing and Grant Writing

Wherever you are in the virtual world, we could use your help:

  • creating or editing content for our YouTube channel
  • assisting in drafting grant and funding applications
  • writing social media posts
  • website management

Spread the word

Share our stories.

Celebrate our success.

We’ll send you some inspiring information about our work to share on your socials.


You can make a difference right now

The simplest way to get in touch is to call or email us on: